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You must send me a bouquet the day after your wedding. If your wedding is on Saturday, you need to send your bouquet on Monday. It should be the fastest delivery possible, within 1-2 days. You can check the estimated time and cost in advance. Shipping to California 92618 can be expensive, ranging from $70 to $350.

If you're local to Irvine, drop-off is available. We don't have order pick-up.

To achieve the best results, it's necessary to work with fresh flowers. I employ techniques to preserve their freshness, but if your flowers have dried or wilted, it will take more time. Make sure to track your delivery using the provided tracking number. In case of any delivery problems, I cannot be held responsible.

I recommend using UPS and FedEx as they usually offer the best rates and service.

The final result depends on the condition of the flowers. Detailed delivery instructions will be provided. The client is responsible for following these instructions. If the flowers are damaged due to negligence, I will be unable to perform the work.

About work

Large volume flowers cannot be pressed, such as large proteas, succulents, tropical flowers, etc. It would be greatly appreciated if you could send me a picture of the bouquet.

Bouquets with small flowers and greenery are ideal for flower compositions.

Please note that the color of the flowers may darken or fade during the drying process. Fresh red roses may turn into a dark burgundy color, while white roses may acquire a slight yellow shade. Dusty Pink roses will appear light gray, and burgundy ranunculus may turn black.

If your flowers are not fresh, it is possible to use separate petals and greenery. Additionally, wilted or broken flowers can be replaced for an additional fee.

Before shipping the flowers, please inform me of the items you want to order. It's important to note that your entire bouquet cannot be preserved. I carefully select the best and freshest blooms and greenery from your bouquet based on your order. I only use what is best for my artwork, and I do not send your flowers back. For example, if you choose a rectangular tray of size 12*8, and I receive your package with an abundance of flowers, if you don't let me know that you want something different, I will select the best flowers for the tray arrangement. Any leftover flowers will be discarded.

Please be aware that tiny air bubbles in the piece are common when working with resin. It is not made by a machine but by human hands. We work diligently to minimize any imperfections.

Frames may contain silica gel and small pieces of dried flowers due to the delivery process.

For making an order, I typically require approximately 20-25 weeks, depending on the flowers and the wedding season. I create your order based on the availability of your flowers and my experience, vision, and ideas. However, I am always willing to listen to your wishes.


To secure your place, a deposit of $100 is required. This deposit will be deducted from your total order.
*Please be aware that the deposit is non-refundable, without any exceptions. I cannot be held responsible for any shipping issues, problems with your flowers, or changes of mind.

Ship your flowers to me. I'll notify you once I've received them!

Allow several months for the drying and pressing of the flowers. As the process involves numerous steps.

After that I will reach out to you to confirm your order and will also send you a link for your second payment. This payment must be made within 2 weeks, so please check your messages regularly.

After receiving your payment, we will continue to process your order.

Once your order is completed, you will receive a tracking number.